We are a community of podcasters producing content on issues facing the LGBTQ and allied people’s. Through our programs we will promote and support issues and causes that will reinforce survival and harmony.

On our streaming station you will occasionally hear public service announcements and promotions for fundraising that benefits causes that affect our community. These causes also have featured links on our site.

From time to time our shows will perform a live presentation. You’ll find those listed on the calendar under ‘Live Shows’. There you can also participate in an interactive chat. And on weekdays we often aire recent episodes… a buffet of audio goodness.

UniVoz is an inclusive LGBTQ podcasting community. Our goal is to include both our talent and listeners in planning activities. Each geographical region is encouraged to organize “Listener Socials” and may elect a Coordinator to serve as their representative.

If you produce an independent podcast (or just know of one you enjoy) please feel free to complete the form under the Contact section of our site.