Live Shows

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Traditional radio has AM & FM bands. Internet Radio has file formats.
Our station uses Icecast. Here’s what you’ll need on your device…

On Apple (Mac OS)
iTunes (preloaded with your computer…should auto launch)
VLC (if you’re not a fan of iTunes)

On iPhone/iPad (a.k.a. “iOS”)
Podcast app (preloaded on device) should autolaunch
VLC (best alternative if station doesn’t launch)

On Android
Podcast Addict (podcast AND stream support)
VLC (just for streaming)

On Windows:
iTunes (still use an iPod? it’s probably already installed)
Windows Media Player (No iPod and don’t want iTunes)
VLC (No iPod, Not a fan of Microsoft)

Here you’ll be able to interact with the hosts of our live shows as they’re in production
Feel free to join in on the conversation (please be respectful!)

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Here is our current schedule of programming